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Magdalena Antrobus is a mixed media artist with a PhD in Philosophy of Mind from The University of Birmingham, UK (2017), and a Master of Arts Degree from Warsaw University, Poland (2001). 

After obtaining her Doctorate, Magdalena decided to dedicate her life to painting – something that she has always loved and felt passionate about. She now works as a full-time artist. 

Crossing the boundaries between abstract and figurative, she continues to develop her style and portfolio, inspired by her fascination with the moods and temperaments of both land and water. She now lives with her family near Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom. 


PhD in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, UK (2017)

MA (Master of Arts) in Philosophy, Birmingham, UK (2014)
MA (Master of Arts) Warsaw, Poland (2001)


The artwork "Illegal Alien: Trying to fit in" (acrylics on canvas) - a winning entry in "Acrylic 6" contest held by The Artists Network, 2018. 

The artwork "Época" (mixed media on board) - the recipient of "High Commendation" award at the Stratford Upon Avon Art Society Annual Exhibition, 2018.

Upcoming talks: "Art and Mental Illness" - invited speaker at the Mental Health and Wellbeing conference, University of Nottingham, 29 November, 2018

Upcoming publications:

"Illegal Alien" to be published in the "Acrylic 6" collection book by North Light Books (March 2019)

Recent exhibitions:

Kenilworth Art Festival, 2018, 20-29 September


I am fascinated by contrast and uncertainty. Where others see apparent dichotomy, I see complementary. Beauty cannot exist without ugliness. Light cannot exist without darkness. Sadness gives way to happiness. And so on. 

Drawing on my “complementary contrast” philosophy, my ultimate aim is to create artwork that challenges the traditional understanding of oppositions as definite and exclusive. Using a unique combination of acrylic, oil and pastels as the preferable means of expression, I speak for the beauty of the abandoned harbour, for the soothing comfort of the endless river, for the hopeful and enlighting nature of the darkest of nights. 

My fascination with the inclusive character of oppositions comes from my life-long adventure with psychology and philosophy. In my Doctoral Dissertation entitled “Epistemic and Psychological Benefits of Depression”, I successfully argued that despite its harmful characteristics, depression has the capacity to offer some benefits to the suffering person. These benefits may include more realistic perception, deeper empathy and enhanced creativity. 

Today, using art as a means of expression, I continue to show that the boundaries between that which we perceive as light, beautiful or ‘good’, and that which we find unusual, dark or ‘bad’ are in fact blurred and often insignificant. The nature’s apparent oppositions come together in a perfect balance and completeness. 

I choose to paint nature where it makes a statement, where it is dramatic, where it leaves us in awe, where it saves us from indifference. I hope to be a visual translator of spoken and unspoken expression of land and water. 

I use abstract and semi-abstract form to explain how two become one. I see it as my duty as an artist. It is my greatest passion and offers my life an ultimate goal. 

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