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Magdalena Antrobus is a mixed media artist with a PhD in Philosophy of Mind from The University of Birmingham, UK (2017), and a Master of Arts Degree from Warsaw University, Poland (2001). 

After obtaining her Doctorate, Magdalena decided to dedicate her life to painting – something that she has always loved and felt passionate about. She now works as a full-time artist. 

Crossing the boundaries between abstract and figurative, she continues to develop her style and portfolio, inspired by her fascination with the "purposeful randomness" theme. She now lives with her family near Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom. 


PhD in Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, UK (2017)

MA (Master of Arts) in Philosophy, Birmingham, UK (2014)
MA (Master of Arts) Warsaw, Poland (2001)


The artwork "Illegal Alien: Trying to fit in" (acrylics on canvas) - a winning entry in "Acrylic 6" contest held by The Artists Network, 2018. 

The artwork "Época" (mixed media on board) - the recipient of "High Commendation" award at the Stratford Upon Avon Art Society Annual Exhibition, 2018.

Upcoming publications:

"Illegal Alien" to be published in the "Acrylic 6" collection book by North Light Books (March 2019)

Recent exhibitions:

Temperance, Natural World, Leamington Spa, 2019, 3 February - 3 March
Kenilworth Art Festival, 2018, 20-29 September


Born and raised behind the Iron Curtain of 1970s I strive for colour. My early memories of dull, grey and indifferent city streets left me with a desperate desire for vibrancy, for fast changing landscape, for noise, for life itself. Living in the quiet green countryside, I travel to get my dose of inspiration from the manic streets of New York, London or Warsaw. These trips result in landscapes with various degree of abstract, depending on the way in which the bits and pieces of memory and perception have been processed and elaborated in my mind. As an artist and philosopher, I hope to catch the unique moment of the encounter between my inner world and the objective, representational features of the world. In my most recent works (such as “Please, re-subscribe”, and “The Influencer”), I aim to portrait the dynamic and fluid character of human interaction with social media. Our conversation with facebook or instagram lasts way after our screen time; it affects the way we experience everyday reality and the way we speak to “real” people in our lives. It affects our mental health. 

I paint with passion and out of passion. Abstract and semi-abstract channel my emotions in the most genuine and otherwise unaffected way. I use a variety of media, having particular attachment to oils, which let me uncover the true colours of my inner world. My paintings include many layers, where previous layers have been scratched or washed off the canvas in order to give way to subsequent coats of paint. Nearly every one of my artworks includes – in the hidden layers - the elements of my own biography and personal history, in a form of specific picture and/or writing.  

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