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Magdalena Antrobus is a British - Polish painter born in 1976, she now lives and creates in Oxfordshire. 


Magdalena previously graduated with PhD in Philosophy and MA in Psychology, conducting her research internationally. In 2017 she quit her academic career to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an artist. Since then she has been painting full-time, particularly utilising mixed media including acrylic, oil, and digital tools in visual attempts to catch happiness and immortalise it on canvas. 


In Magdalena's paintings there are many influences, ranging from pop art and illustration to abstraction, expressionism and contemporary portraiture. 

Magdalena Antrobus sells her paintings internationally. Her vibrant, large, distinctive and eye-catching artworks are in private collections in Europe, United States, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Magdalena is currently represented by "Art is Art" The Gallery in Worcester, SINGULART, and Saatchi Art. 

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