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My obsession with faces and vivid colour makes my art immediately recognizable and easy to identify. When painting a portrait, I specifically focus on a subject’s face features paired with frequently poignant look. I choose large size canvas, to allow the viewer an instant feeling of a personal connection with the subject. It is this sudden eye contact with another human that I purposefully create, offering a momentary release from our intrinsic solitude, and in exchange for the encounter, most often with someone whose face we consider familiar.

I choose bright, vivid, often fluorescent colours, to make the viewers stop and stare, to allow themselves to feel intimidated by the intensity coming from the picture.


My creative process roots in my early childhood experiences. I have never had enough of people, I could not stand a minute of loneliness. I would easily cross people’s personal borders and insist on them being in my life. I would ask millions of questions and demand immediate and exhausting answers. I needed people to give me all their attention and full presence. Otherwise, I would fall apart and felt as I was the only one in the world.

As it was then, it also is now: people are the most significant subject of my focus and of my creative process. Every person has their own narrative and their own story to tell. I see my art as interpretation of these stories; I believe that every one of them deserves to be showcased.


I use a variety of techniques, depending on the effect I want to achieve. Sometimes I start with blank canvas, working my way from traditional pencil sketch up to acrylic or oil paint, using a photograph as the reference. Another time I create a digital sketch first, assembling photos and hand drawings into one image, which I then transfer onto a canvas. Next, I paint over this image using paint, markers, and spray paint. Each of my creations is unique, showcasing the combination of abstract, pop art, portraiture, and expressionist styles.  My favourite themes include – apart from faces – portraits of animals, cities, and objects.


I started creating art in 2016 at the age of 40. Painting is my full-time passion, my obsession, and my life purpose. Sharing my art with the world is the biggest pleasure of all.