“01” opens a new series of paintings, focused on the research surrounding one’s gender and sexual identity. This mixed media painting portrays a young man with the characteristics traditionally considered feminine – such as make-up, gentle facial features and the look expressing sexual desire. 
Following on from there, Magdalena wants to challenge the traditional view of masculinity still existing in Poland, her country of birth. A view of a “real man” bursting with testosterone, not showing emotions, obviously heterosexual, physically and mentally strong. Men escaping that fossilized image are still frequently subjected to joke, humiliation, aggression, and abuse. Magdalena shares her view of a “modern man” as gentle, sensual, emotional human, with ‘masculinity’ being defined not by one’s sexual orientation or ‘traditional’ physical or mental features, but rather by one’s description of character, virtue, emotional capacity, and personal identification.


  • Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Digital on Canvas

    Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

    Size: 71 W x 91 H x 4.1 D cm

    Frame: Not Framed

    Packaging: Ships in a Crate